Who are we

Overview of our staff.

The Flight-Academy has a team of qualified flight instructors. During your checkride we assess which instructor will be assigned to you for your training. Our instructors are very capable and have the necessary ratings.

Hank Dwayne Matray (Chief Executive Officer & Training Director)
Hank has been involved in flight simulation since 1985, using the motto 'As real as it gets' very early on. He is the founder of the Flight-Academy® and has made countless video tutorials for the FA. He regards every new student as a challenge and conveying knowledge keeps him young.

Henk Meerman(Assistant Chief Executive Officer & Training Advisor)
Henk was stunting within FS but usually missing the approaches. Start learning the wonderful B767 cold & dark procedures to impress mainly himself in doing professional issues. But the bad approaches remain. Then he discovered accidently the FA and made up his mind. He started the course from the PFA and told his teacher to start from the very basics. During the whole tour he did not touch no other plane then the standard Cessna 172 and start learning to control the airplane with all procedures in and around the airfield. Take offs, landings, airspeeds, flaps, circuits, approaches, procedures, ATC and finally after a successful theory exam, get graduated to Private Pilot on Ivao exam. Continued the program on the FA to get graduated onto CPL level.
Henk: "There is no better platform outside real aviation then the Flight Academy". "A realistic and serious bunch of people created a truly beautiful medium to step into the world of aviation whereas reality comes as close as real". This makes "simming" guaranteed professional and fun.
Today his favorite VFR/IFR plane is the C90B King Air on short hauls. Still discovering the long haul planes to become his favorite. Today he is guiding the very unknown and curious simmers to become VFR specialists within PFA and training to handover to the FA for their IFR adventure. Join the club. You will be amazed.

Matthijs van Dijk (Public Relations)
Matthijs is a builder and contractor by trade, yet he can't stay out of the air. "To fly on a regular basis with a friend in a Robin 400, Cessna 152 or a Cessna 172 is great". The dream remains, but reality is different. "Flying with flight simulator is a good alternative these days. The better you fly, the more fun it becomes. In May 2006, this same vriend 'transferred' the flying bug to me. Flying was fun, but never demanding. After I registered on IVAO on May 17th, it really started to become serious. Flying became demanding, but I had to learn a lot After studying and exams within IVAO and the KLM-VA, where I became acquainted to Hank, the level of flying was increased many times! After the IVAO flight academy asked to help out their team I did not have to think very long. It's a great staff and fantastic Academy. Within the Flight Academy we have perfect training courses through which we can achieve an even higher level of flying on IVAO. Perhaps only the "real thing" could be better".

Joeri Smits(Training Advisor & Webmaster)
My first experience with aviation I had as an 8 years old boy who discovered Microsoft Flight Simulator 98. I really enjoyed it and soon I bought a joystick to make the flying easier. I spent a lot of time then flying all kinds of airplanes without really knowing what I was doing, but after a year or so I got bored and other things drew my attention. It was only until a few years later that I rediscovered PC flying with Microsoft FSX. I bought a new joystick and now I got deeply interested in flying. So much even that I joined the local flying club and got my license for a sailplane and flew a glider solo for 2 years. I joined IVAO eventually at the end of 2013 and after having attained my PP rating on my own, I signed up at the IR Flight Academy where I had a pleasant time with Henk Meerman and have meanwhile got my SPP rating. I really enjoy to pass my knowledge and experience to the students of the Pre Flight Academy. See you soon!