Impressions of some students or other relations.

Mihai Alexandru Berheci, December 12th 2010
First of all I want to let you know that I appreciate all of you for your work behind Academy and I know it wasn't easy job. The diploma it's a nice and kind surprise from you, I'll printed out and frame it above my desk. Thanks.

Richard Bischoff, February 2th 2011
The Flight Academy, is a good independent initiative, which provides flight simulator fanatics with a healthy taste for a better understanding, a nice opportunity to expand their knowledge.

Arie Penning, April 2th 2011
I looked for personal support and soon came in contact with the Pre-flight Academy where expert instructors taught me all ins and outs of VFR flying. Thanks to this support I have been able to pass my PP exam on IVAO with a nice score of 97/100. I experienced my personal trainings at the PFA as extremely useful and pleasant. Especially because of the high degree of knowledge, flexibility and patience of the instructors my enthusiasm for this hobby has only but increased even more and I'm sure that I will spend many more hours to come in my virtual flight deck.

Koen Schimmel, April, 11th 2011
The Flight Academy is a place to learn more than just the basics of flying. The trainers take a lot of time for you to learn exactly what the theory contains and how to apply this in practice.

Yassin Mortelmans, May, 15th 2011
The Flight Academy is an excellent group who teaches you great things to make flying more realistic as possible. From the first day I got in touch with the Flight Academy I already knew this was the perfect place to expand my knowledge about flying. I want to thank especially the Trainers for their time, patience and energy they put in my lessons. Thanks to these lessons I can fly more realistic in the virtual skies of IVAO . Also the documents of the Flight Academy are very attractive and easy to study. So I would recommend to all virtual pilots who really want to develop their practical skills and theoretical as well, should be at this place for perfect completion of virtual flying.

Joeri Smits, February, 1th 2015
I want to thank the Flight-academy for the great work they are delivering. I wouldn‘t have learned so much if I didn‘t joined the Flight-academy. I had some trouble with intercepting radials and performing holding patterns. The Flight-academy took all the time necessary in order for me to get it. The Flight-academy is not a place to rush to the exam, but it‘s a great place to fully understand what you‘re doing.