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It is our policy that you should minimally have the (IVAO) SPP rating prior to applying. This is to ensure not too much time will be lost in teaching the basic principles of flying.

Please be advised that the Flight-Academy does not perform IVAO exams. Our goal is to help you increase your knowledge base to take your IVAO ratings without many problems. You will receive an FA certificate upon completion of your training at the FA.

The Flight-Academy reserves the right to dismiss you if you do not abide by the rules maintained by the FA, which are the same as the IVAO rules. The FA also supervises your training. Should you not sufficiently study or participate in the lessons, your personal instructor will contact the senior staff and discuss your file, possibly resulting in a dismissal. We will work together with you, but you need to work as well!

You may enroll if you can answer yes to the following questions:

  • Are you a registered IVAO member?
  • You must have the IVAO rating of Private Pilot IFR(SPP)
  • Are you motivated and do you possess self-discipline?
  • Do you have sufficient knowledge of the English language?
  • You are prepared to do at least a few hours of study a week separately from your lessons at the Flight-Academy.

In all cases you must live in de green zone of the chart because of the time limitations of our trainers. We are hoping to expand those times when new trainers are joining our academy and they living in other timezones then trainers at this moment. We keep you informed by this website.

If you have answered yes to all these questions, we invite you to apply, thus requesting an Checkride. We will then schedule you for an Checkride soon. As a student of the FA you agree to the obligation to not miss out on any study sessions and thoroughly study the theory lessons, when required.

Please note when you decide to subscribe, you will receive mailing concerning our Flight-Academy and your study. No information of our students will be send to others than only our staff members.


Info will be send after subscription.

Subscription here at the Flight-Academy (FA) is solely accessible for those who have the IVAO ratings SPP or higher. In case you have no ratings at IVAO yet but you are a registered member at IVAO, you can subscribe yourself at the Pre-Flight Academy:

When you earn No IVAO rating, you can start your training at our VFR Academy. Our Link is set here below who leads you directly to our website.


When you earn PPL IVAO rating, you can start your training at our IFR Basics Academy. Our Link is set here below who leads you directly to our website.


Note that good knowledge of the English language is mandatory in order to successfully complete the trainings.

In case of full occupancy of our trainer-pilot roster you will be placed on a waiting list. You will be notified as soon as possible when one of our trainers will be available to start the trainings with you.

Since our course is high rated, some pilots will encounter difficulties to fulfill the study. Some will succeed, some will not. For that reason we will take a trail of four lessons for every student to see if you are suitable to follow our entire program and can be admitted to our academy.
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